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While backstroke maintains the body in a streamlined position, with the limbs able to apply constant propulsive forces due to the arms alternating action and the continuous flutter action of the legs, it is not as fast or efficient as freestyle. Backstroke is swum with arms out to the side of the body, meaning a swimmer cannot pull directly under their body, resulting in not reaching full potential power.


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Hi, I'm Gary Barclay, and I'm going to give you a couple of tips in regards to how you can swim backstroke fast. The first tip is to make sure that when you swim backstroke that you keep your fingers together. You don't want them too tight, just nicely together like that, so that when you swim through the water you're pulling with the whole of your hand here and your forearm. Secondly, when you enter the water, you enter little finger first and then press up and keep a high elbow. You can actually pull around the side with your arm and pull yourself forward.

Remember in swimming, you actually move in the direction of the back of your hand, so you want the back of your hand facing in the direction that you want to go. And the final tip in backstroke is to make sure that as you're pulling under water that you actually accelerate. So as your hands are pulling through, that you get faster, that you pull through faster through the water. To swim backstroke fast you need to start with the correct technique.

The following article written by Gary Barclay on Backstroke Technique is well worth reading.

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Ian Pope - Backstroke DVD Ian Pope's Swimming Down Under: Backstroke
This DVD provides drills to groove a great feel for the stroke. You will be able to train your swimmers to enter and catch in the "power zone" . DVD also includes a segment on coaching young backstroke swimmers
Backstroker DVD Coaching the Developing Backstroker
Learn how to solve many of the common challenges coaches face when training backstroke swimmers. You will discover techniques for implementing individual skill technique into a team setting .DVD includes the stroke, start and turn instruction
Backstroke - DVD Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Backstroke
Learn how to swim backstroke on the side. Develop faster speed and tempo with many innovative backstroke drills See common errors for backstroke and how to correct them
Eddie Reese on Backstroke
This DVD will help you to a better backstroke. You will learn how to master correct body alignment and movement as well as enhance arm movement and the leg kick.DVD includes detailed instruction on the backstroke start and turn
Winning Backstroke - DVD Championship Winning Backstroke
Swim a faster backstroke with good body balance and a quick tempo.Develop a deep efficient backstroke catch and innovative recovery drills

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